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Epithelial pathophysiology, Stem cells and Tissue repair

SkinStemDev laboratory ends December 2019:

In January 2020, Daniel Aberdam has joined Pr. Francine Behar-Cohen team (Les cordeliers, INSERM UMRS 1138) to undergo preclinical studies on:

Aniridia-associated keratopathy (cornea opacification): 

We produced a cellular model by gene editing (Crispr/cas9) on limbal stem cells (Roux, 2018) and identified by High Throughput Screening (collaboration with Blavatnik Center of Tel Aviv University) hits that rescue the phenotype (patent, 2019). These psychotropic drugs are now challenged on patient cells (primary and iPSC) to validate them for drug repurposing on Aniridia patients. 

Collaboration with Pr. Dominique Bremond Gignac (head of Ophthalmology department, Necker hospital, Paris)

p63-related ectodermal dysplasia syndrome (AEC) (severe skin erosions): 

We identified the small compound PRIMA-1MET/APR-246 as efficient to revert altered epidermal differentiation of AEC patient primary cells (Shalom-Feuerstein, 2013) and able to improve healing of severe skin erosions of two AEC patients (Aberdam,2020). We are now testing whether PRIMA or derivatives could ameliorate skin wound healing of other more frequent diseases.

Collaboration with Pr. Smail Hadj-Rabia (Dermatology department, Necker hospital, Paris)

ORCID-ID (Aberdam Daniel):

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Dr. Daniel Aberdam


Université Paris Diderot
Hôpital Saint-Louis,  Equerre  Bazin
1, avenue Claude Vellefaux  75475 PARIS CEDEX 10

and Prof. at TECHNION Institute (Haifa, Israel) link