Epithelial pathophysiology, Stem cells and Tissue repair

SkinStemDev laboratory (Dir. Dr. Daniel ABERDAM) is an INSERM team located within the Skin Research Center UMR-S 976  (Dir. Dr. Armand BENSUSSAN) at the Hopital St-Louis (Paris, France).

The projects developed by SkinStemDev team for the last decade aim at identifying and characterizing molecular events that underlie normal and pathological epithelial embryonic commitment and epithelial homeostasis. For that purpose, we are using pluripotent stem cells (embryonic and induced iPS) derived from healthy individuals and patients as in vitro cellular models and somatic epidermal and dermal stem cells. Our study combines (1) fundamental approach, by the identification of genes, signalling pathways and miRNAs involved in epithelial commitment, self renewal by cell autonomous and cell non-autonomous manner manner but also (2) applied research by the production of cellular models dedicated to corneal and skin pharmacotoxicity but also for drug discovery to treat patients suffering from limbal stem cell deficiency and severe burns.

Movie on cornea production from induced pluripotent stem cells link to video (password "aberdam")

Vidéo sur la production de cornée à partir de cellules souches pluripotentes lien de la vidéo (mot de passe "aberdam")

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Our address:

Dr. Daniel Aberdam


Université Paris Diderot
Hôpital Saint-Louis,  Equerre  Bazin
1, avenue Claude Vellefaux  75475 PARIS CEDEX 10